Appendix 1     Scoping Road Map

1.1                  Scoping Road Map

  1. As outlined in section 4.3.2, the Offshore Scoping Road Map[10] for the Proposed Development will be used as a tool to facilitate early engagement with stakeholders and subsequent engagement throughout the pre-application phase, including consultation on the developing baseline characterisation and development of the final application documentation. The Offshore Scoping Road Map is a ‘live’ document which will be used to reach and record further points of agreement on scoping impacts out of the assessment, and/or agreeing the level of assessment which will be presented for impacts, so that the focus in the EIA submission documents is on likely significant effects. The Scoping Road Map summarises the potential impacts of the Proposed Development that have been identified for each offshore EIA topic area listed in section 5  Open ▸ , 6  Open ▸ and 7  Open ▸ .
  1. The information included within the Offshore Scoping Road Map (Apx. Table 1. 1  Open ▸ ):
  • expected receptors: Receptors expected to occur within the zone of influence, based on an initial desktop review;
  • sensitivity and evidence: Brief review of the sensitivity of the relevant receptors and evidence available on potential effects;
  • baseline data sources: Description of data and information to be used to inform the baseline characterisation. See further information below;
  • mitigation and monitoring: Potential measures which could be applied to remove significant effects; and
  • approach to EIA: Briefly describes whether impacts are scoped into the EIA, scoped out (with the relevant justification) or whether the impact has the potential to be scoped out at a later date.
    1. The purpose of the Offshore Scoping Road Map is to separate the key impacts which will be considered in detail in the final Application from those which are less important (i.e. not likely to influence the decision to consent the project), with three broad categories:
  • impacts scoped in: For the key impacts which will be considered in the EIA. Where appropriate, a brief outline of how these impacts will be assessed is provided.
  • impacts scoped out: The Road Map will provide justification for scoping impacts out of assessment in the EIA.
  • scoped in, with the potential to be scoped out: This category is for impacts which are not likely to lead to a significant effect on a receptor, but for which there is not sufficient justification available at the time of drafting this Offshore EIA Scoping Report to remove the impact entirely.
    1. The conclusion of the scoping stage assessments for the Proposed Development are presented Apx. Table 1. 1  Open ▸ .


Apx. Table 1. 1:
Scoping Road Map

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