Appendix 2     Mitigation and Monitoring

2.1                  Introduction

  1. Throughout this Offshore EIA Scoping Report, a range of ‘designed in measures’ have been applied and are detailed in the technical assessment of each section. The following commitments register summarises the mitigation and monitoring commitments set out in this Offshore EIA Scoping report and categorises these as per section 4.3  Open ▸ as either:
  • Primary inherent mitigation (P);
  • Secondary foreseeable mitigation (S); or
  • Tertiary inexorable mitigation (T).
    1. Both primary and tertiary measures can be designed into the project design. The basis of the Offshore EIA can therefore be undertaken on the basis that these measures will definitely be delivered and therefore any effects which might arise without these mitigation measures do not need to be identified as potential effects as there is no potential for them to arise (IEMA, 2016).
    2. Mitigation measures will evolve whilst the EIA progresses and in response to stakeholder engagement, therefore this Mitigation and Monitoring Commitments Register (Apx. Table 2. 1  Open ▸ ) is a ‘live’ document and will be updated over the course of the EIA process. Any additional measures identified throughout the EIA process will also be updated in the Offshore Scoping Road Map (Apx. Table 2. 1  Open ▸ ).


Apx. Table 2. 1:
 Proposed Development Mitigation and Monitoring Commitments Register


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